Fresh Confidence

with Lynne Jhangeer,

We caught up with Lynne Jhangeer from LINIAN, as she reflects on the impact that Saltire Leaders Programme participation has had on her business and on her professional learning development, five months on…

Lynne, since returning from the Saltire Leaders Programme, can you attribute any specific action, revenue, cost-saving, model development or business ‘hack’ to someone you met or from what you learned from the programme?

LJ: When I attended Babson, we were navigating one of the most business-critical tactical and strategic challenges within our business to date. During the sessions, we were able to tap into direct experience and tease out our strategy with the support of the professors. In doing this we were able to accurately assess our target market properly; laser target our marketing focus; and understand and define our sales process further in order to execute the change.

This resulted in our team expanding from 6 to 16 almost immediately.

That equates to a 276% increase in resource to drive the business forward in 2020.

Some hosts/faculty you met demonstrated different ways of thinking and acting – how have you changed your ways of thinking or acting as a result?

LJ: During my time at Babson, I was able to get to grips with the investor process and to have insider experience of the common traps that young companies can fall into in much more detail. This meant that upon my return I was armed with a much more holistic view of what was involved, including the demands on the management team’s time, to seek the appropriate avenues of investment - with the invitation of a sounding board in the Babson professors when that time comes.

We have taken the necessary steps to ensure that we continue to work on the next phase of growth for the business and recruit the required team to work within the business to facilitate that growth and to nurture them to become the future leaders of LINIAN.

We are often told the Babson College experience has a positive impact on leadership confidence. What was your experience of this?

LJ: When I left for Babson, I was also at a critical point in my own personal development and journey as a leader. I had some personal confidence issues that I was suffering with quietly but immediately realised on my first day there that I wasn’t alone. Each member of the cohort had their own unique specialisms and I found mine. We continued to share knowledge, support and experience well into the “wee” hours after many fantastic sessions at Babson each day.

It was here that I was able to realise my own value and potential - eradicating the limitations that I had created in my own mind for where I can take this business to as a leader.

I also had a fantastic discussion with Helen Sayles CBE around building teams.

Her insight and experience really took away any reservations that I had personally about taking on a team again and gave me the confidence to put the tools in place to monitor, measure and reward.

Finally, are there any other benefits that you can relate to your Babson experience?

LJ: The best thing about Babson and this experience is that the learning didn’t stop there.

(Professor) Les Charm gave me one invaluable piece of advice when he said, “Ask the question, the worst answer you will get is no”. I’ve taken this to heart and quite literally now ask for what we want as a business and don’t stop until we get it. LINIAN are excited to be entering this next chapter of the business and now are confident in the knowledge that we have the necessary tools to seek the funding and execute the strategy as a team.

Want to experience the Boston-Babson cohort for yourself and gain the vital insight to help your business succeed and develop your own skills and confidence? We will be returning to Boston in October 2020.

Find out more about the Babson College modules here and apply to join the Saltire Leaders Programme here