Saltire Leaders Reflections

with Ken Morrice
MM Search Ltd

Ken Morrice, Managing Director of MM Search is a member of Entrepreneurial Scotland's new Saltire Leaders Programme cohort focusing on 'Conscious Leadership'.

We grabbed 10 minutes to get his thoughts on the programme, the teaching at Babson College and the benefits of being involved with a trusted peer group working together through these unprecedented times.

Leaning on and leaning-in to peers in Scotland

"Those that know me well tend to say I can’t sit still, and that is indeed true!

However, over the past 14 weeks we have all had to deliberately slow down. I’ve used a portion of that pause time to reflect and invest in something I always said I didn’t have time for (not DIY) but a peer-based executive education programme.

Reflecting and engaging with those in the same boat as you has a lot more benefits than I expected it would, mostly because the opinions of others really do challenge your perspective. And I like a challenge.

I joined the Saltire Leaders Catalyst programme “Conscious Leadership” at the start of June and already I am intrigued as to where it might take me over the twelve-month course.

Run by Entrepreneurial Scotland and Babson College, the programme has been designed to bring global perspective and international insight into the continuing professional development of business leaders in Scotland. The aim of the course is to learn the fundamental concepts, methods, and tools of innovation, growth and conscious leadership.

Initially I was drawn to the conscious leadership course because it offers unique immersion in a challenging and action-orientated entrepreneurial culture. But already it has given me so much more.

Babson College sets high expectations for participant engagement and it is challenging. The faculty of entrepreneurs draw from personal experience and have a keen understanding of current affairs and global markets. Via live interactive webinars, presentations, videos and articles the course is demanding. However, I wasn’t expecting to have benefited from the group feeling so early on in the course, being part of an all Scotland senior support cohort like this and engaging with ‘near-peers’ is even more worthwhile than I hoped it would be.

I’ve also been blown away by the speaker programme, which has given me access to keynote speakers such as business stalwarts and inspiring leaders Bob Chapman and Kip Tindell.

I am really proud to be part of Scotland’s community of leaders who are looking to develop in conscious leadership, and to work alongside those who are unapologetic about their desire to both do well but also do good. I am excited to be on the Babson College journey and look forward to developing with the team as the course progresses."

Do you think you have what it takes to be a Saltire Leader?

Ken is one of 14 Saltire Leaders participating in ES Catalysts run in association with Babson College 2020/21. For more info about MMSearch visit, and for details of how you can join the next ES Catalyst contact